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Surry Oceanfront House

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The Brennan Residence, nestled in the picturesque oceanfront landscape of Surry, Maine, is a testament to modern elegance and architectural ingenuity. This architectural project, commissioned by Eric and Betty Brennan, involved the complete reconstruction of their coastal home, breathing new life into this stunning coastal property. The finished project is a harmonious blend of contemporary design and natural beauty.

This Maine oceanfront home is a testament to the vision of Eric and Betty Brennan, who sought to create a contemporary coastal retreat that seamlessly merges with its natural surroundings. This waterfront house is a stunning addition to the architectural landscape of this coastal community and showcases the beauty of the Surry, Maine coastline.

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Eric + Betty Brennan


Surry, Maine


House (Single Residence)




Nichols Construction


Nichols Construction


Architectural Design
Interior Design
Town Permitting
Lighting Design
Schematic Design
Design Development
Construction Documents
Construction Observation & Coordination
State Fire Marshall Permitting

Project Story

Design Highlights

Modern Elegance: 

The Brennan Residence stands as an embodiment of contemporary architectural design, characterized by clean lines and a seamless connection with its coastal surroundings.

Sweeping Atlantic Views: 

Situated on the Atlantic coast, the residence offers breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean, providing a serene backdrop for everyday living.

Three Bedrooms and Study:

Designed for a couple residing in southern New England, the residence boasts three spacious bedrooms, ensuring comfort and privacy. Additionally, a dedicated study space provides a tranquil environment for work and relaxation.

Three Bathrooms: 

The residence features three beautifully appointed bathrooms, showcasing modern fixtures and luxurious amenities.

Custom Millwork: 

Impeccable craftsmanship is evident throughout the home, with custom millwork enhancing the interior aesthetics and functionality.

Plantation Shutters: 

The interior design incorporates plantation shutters, providing both style and functionality while allowing residents to control natural light and privacy.

Exquisite Exterior Materials: 

The exterior of the Brennan Residence is adorned with a carefully chosen blend of high-quality materials, creating a striking façade that complements its coastal surroundings.

Stone Elements: 

An exciting addition to the project includes the incorporation of captivating stone elements into the façade, further enhancing the home’s architectural appeal.

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