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Project Overview

This is the Phase 2 project to complete the original vision of a two-story tour de force for the Bangor location of the Blaze restaurant franchise. The dining area will be able to be booked out to larger parties for private functions and meetings. The surroundings will hold deep-cavity walls skinned with flush-face reclaimed wood, again from Maine Heritage Timber, which will have dramatic LED-lit display niches showcasing wine and liquor. The atmosphere will have a contemporary edge, separating itself from the downstairs slightly. It will again offer dedicated wood-fire cuisine, with a wood-fired grill and wood-fired stainless steel oven. It will house an open kitchen so the award-winning crew will be visible to all guests. This will be a game changer for restaurants in the area, and will provide an opportunity for newly weds, bachelorettes, bachelors, bankers, lawyers, judges, entrepreneurs, and whoever else, an opportunity to book an upscale, comfortable atmosphere for private gatherings.


Blaze Restaurant, LLC


Bangor, Maine




Restaurants + Bars


Architectural Design
Interior Design
Lighting Design


CNC Fabrication

University of Maine, Material Science Lab

Reclaimed Timber

Maine Heritage Timber

Architectural Lighting

Greg Day Lighting


Pat Manley Masonry

Wood-Fired Oven Surround

Maine Wood Heat

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Maine Wood Heat

Wood-Fired Oven

Le Panyol

Wood-Fired Grill



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In The Press

Designed by Ervin Architecture, Blaze is warm and inviting, with both original brick walls and horizontal blond wood paneling cut from centuries-old timber plucked from the bottom of a Penobscot River tributary by Millinocket’s Maine Heritage Timber — a fitting material for a historic building in the former lumber capital of the world. The bar also is constructed of reclaimed river wood, but its most striking feature is a softly illuminated red wall panel with a stenciled floral design.

Downeast Magazine

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