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Are you ready to take your architectural and real estate projects to the next dimension? At Ervin Architecture, we’re excited to introduce our newest offering – the 3D Laser Scanning service, powered by Matterport. Whether you’re a developer, real estate professional, retailer, homeowner, insurance and restoration expert, architect, engineer, construction specialist, facility manager, or government representative, this innovative service is designed to cater to your unique needs and unlock a world of possibilities. 

Commercial + residential Applications


Elevate project visualization and decision-making with precise 3D scans.


Improve project coordination and reduce errors with detailed 3D scans.

Facilities Management

Simplify space management and asset tracking with precision scans.


Enable urban planning and preservation with detailed 3D records.

Insurance & Restoration

Streamline claims and restoration processes with accurate documentation.

Travel & Hospitality

Showcase your spaces in immersive 3D for online bookings.


Optimize store layouts for an exceptional shopping experience.

Real Estate

Streamline claims and restoration processes with accurate documentation.


Plan renovations and market your home with stunning 3D scans.

Explore a 3D Virtual Tour

3D Scanning and Tours for Developers

Are you looking to streamline your project development process and enhance communication with stakeholders? Our 3D Laser Scanning service provides detailed and accurate scans, enabling you to create immersive visualizations, assess site conditions, and make informed decisions faster. Improve efficiency, reduce costs, and make your projects more attractive to investors.

Scan to BIM For AEC

We enable Architects, Engineers, and the Construction industry to leverage 3D scans for accurate as-built documentation and clash detection. Improve project coordination, reduce errors, and enhance collaboration throughout the design and construction phases.


Effortlessly maintain and manage your facilities with detailed 3D scans. Quickly locate assets, track changes, and optimize space utilization, making facilities management a breeze.

3D Tours For Travel + Hospitality

Provide prospective guests with immersive 3D tours of your accommodations, restaurants, and event spaces. Elevate your online presence and bookings by offering a true sense of what you have to offer.

3D Property Scans For Insurance + Restoration

Efficiently document property damage, assess claims, and plan restoration projects with highly accurate 3D scans. Streamline the entire process to save time and reduce costs.

3D Laser Scanning For Government

Our 3D Laser Scanning service aids in urban planning, heritage preservation, and infrastructure development. Create accurate and detailed records of public spaces, buildings, and landmarks for better decision-making.

Virtual Replicas for Retail

Enhance your store planning and visual merchandising efforts by creating realistic virtual replicas of your spaces. This enables you to make data-driven decisions, optimize layouts, and create unforgettable shopping experiences for your customers.

3D Listing Tours For Real Estate

Capture properties like never before. Elevate your listings with immersive 3D tours that transport potential buyers, renters, or clients directly into the space. Our Matterport Pro 3 scans offer a lifelike experience that sets you apart from the competition, increasing engagement and accelerating property sales.

3D Laser Scans for homeowners

Whether you're renovating or selling your home, our 3D Laser Scanning service gives you a clear picture of your property's layout, enabling better planning and marketing. Experience your home in 3D, and make informed decisions about its future.

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