Husson Wight’s Strength & Conditioning Facility

Client: Husson University

Location: Bangor, Maine

Completion: January 2016

This will be our second project for a local university. And again, we are flattered to have been asked to lend our knowledge and expertise to this growing Maine university. A generous donation from Wight’s Sporting Goods has allowed this project to move forward in grand fashion. The project will consist of combining two rooms (an existing weight room and an adjacent batting cage/archery room) in the basement into a single open space with high ceilings and sweeping ceiling and wall treatments. The project will be a “game changer” for the athletic departments on the university’s campus. This will give all sports teams an expanded facility where they can cross train, stretch, watch educational videos, and power lift as is needed. The finishes will be bright and durable, and the equipment will be top-of-the-line. There will be a variety of wall panel photographs that showcase the university’s sports in dramatic fashion. The feature wall behind the entry counter will be home to a glowing symbol of the university. This will be attached to a threaded-rod assembly with hardwood decorative shelving. The counter base will be made of reclaimed wood. We’ll be sure to post updated images once we finish construction this winter.

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