The Patient, the one purchasing care, measures success according to the quality of care that is provided, but includes an important component: the rate of successful and lasting healing. Patients are no longer satisfied with treatment, pain management, disease management etc. They want facilities that make them better permanently, and give them comfort during that process. And in the world of uber-competitive medical services, that is something Management has started to pay attention to.

The better the experience for the Patient, the greater the level of comfort and convenience and the higher the probability of lasting healing. And in turn, the higher the demand for that healing service, and the more successful the facility. One may think that has very little to do with the built environment and more to do with the quality of the Providers, and advancements in medical science and technology. Well, these issues and the built environ are not mutually exclusive. They go hand in hand. Successful hospitals around the world are turning to smart healthcare architecture to revolutionize Patient care.

We have a wide variety of healthcare project experience that can meet any of your needs. From surgical centers with MRI technology, to veterinary clinics and dental facilities, and primary medical and treatment facilities. This is a market we continue to embrace and thrive within… and we’d love the opportunity to put your dream in motion. Depending on the project type, we do give deep discounts if they help us to broaden our base of exciting work.

Medway Primary Care Facility

Health Access Network hired us to do an extensive renovation of a deteriorating primary care facility in Medway, Maine. It had a very tight, grant-funded, budget, and the timetable for construction was swift. New windows, new doors, a complete reconfiguration of internal program (which included new exam rooms, laboratory, nurse’s station, offices, lobby and reception…

Brewer Vet Clinic

Serving the greater Bangor area for over 30 years, a young veterinarian recently acquired this established veterinarian clinic and started an ambitious redesign and expansion of the existing facility.

Bangor Family Dentistry Dental Office

This project is what being an architect is all about. Construction for this 3800 sf medical office building broke ground in the fall of 2012, and will be open for business in the spring of 2013 on outer Stillwater in Bangor.

Downeast Orthopedics Associates

The new Downeast Orthopedic Associates Medical Facility will be located on Ridgewood Drive in Bangor, Maine. The building will contain reception & waiting room, medical exam rooms, X-Ray rooms (2), PT/OT area, nurse stations (3), and offices.